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Thread: New Mac:Online backup, .doc to pages not happening!

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    New Mac:Online backup, .doc to pages not happening!
    My PC died. Thankfully I had my valuables at Verizon Online Backup: My problem is opening the .doc files on the MacBook Pro i just purchased.

    Example: I retrieved the file: ~$ Chapter 21-1.doc and downloaded it. However it will not open the format. The message: The file format is invalid. I tried changing the extension and dropping the file into IWorks. No help.

    I could use some help here, I am trying not to spend the money on Office for Mac.


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    How did you save the *.doc file and which version of Word did you use? Did you save it as a compatible Word 97 - 2003 file? iWork Pages isn't the best program for MS Office compatibility but it should be able to open a *.doc file provided it was saved as above.

    You can try using the free Open Office 3.2.1 instead of Pages. It's a rather large program but it does provide good compatibility and you won't have to buy MS Office. Download from here.

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