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    wireless mice work poorly, wired fine
    I have a 13 inch alum macbook pro. Have the latest updates and OS.

    I have two wireless mice from logitech(different models but both with the small usb dongle, not bluetooth) and a wired microsoft optical mouse.

    On my pc the wireless mice work fine but on the mac they are slow and quite unresponsive. Tried installing the logitech software for the mac but that didnt work. Also reinstalled my OS on my mac and that didnt work either. Still in my warranty but the apple tech support ran out, just purchased applecare so gotta wait till that comes in before I can talk to them about it.

    Anyone else experience this or have any ideas as to why this is. Bizarre situation that I can't really explain.

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    Mac and wireless dongles are a mixed blessing. I have a M'soft cordless mouse which works fine with my eMac, but is a lottery with the iMac. Whether it's to do with USB2 vs USB 1 (respectively) I can only guess.

    Positioning of the mouse in relation to the dongle is another factor. Make sure there are no metal shields in the way. With the iMac, I put the dongle in a powered hub which I can position where I want it at some distance from the iMac. That sorts it out.

    Logitech is one of the best cordless mouse brands around, but whether or not that extends to its dongles, I can't really say.
    Please post your Mac (or other) specs and MacOS version in your post, your profile or your signature. It helps us to help you better.

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