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    firewire transfer from imac to MBP?
    I connected the fire wire cable, all was well. i was using migration assistant, I checked all the boxes to transfer all my files from the imac to my macbook.
    the process said it would take an hour and a half which it did and then it said all done and i quit the migration assistant.

    Now on my macbook has less memory due to all my files, yet i cant find my files. Ive tried making both my user on my MBP and imac to be public and everything, yet i cant find the files anywhere on my MBP
    where are they?
    what can i do?

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    So after the migration assistant finished you now have less Hard Drive Space than you did before the migration? (just for clarification)

    have you checked in finder Mac HD (or what every your hard drive name is) Users / and see if there are multiple folders?

    Also Check System Preferences / Accounts and see if the migration asst created new users.. you may have to log in as that user?

    Hope this helps a little.
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