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Thread: USB ports not recognising DSLR or card reader - help!

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    Unhappy USB ports not recognising DSLR or card reader - help!
    Hi there

    I am having a problem with both my DSLR and a universal card reader being recognised in any usb port either one of my Macbooks and also my iMac.

    Both have previously been recognised on all of the machines.

    The only thing I can think of that it could be is that yesterday I didn't eject the card reader properly - by accident (i'm usually very careful).

    Obviously tried the usual (restarting machines) but with no luck.

    With the DSLR the screen on the camera says 'initializing USB connection' as it normally would. But the light that usually comes, and stays, on when camera is connected flashes once then goes off. Same with the card reader - the light that usually comes on when connected comes on for a second and then goes off.

    Despite not being very tech-savvy I usually manage to fix issues like this, but I'm completely flummoxed and it's driving me mental.

    System profiler is showing device...

    Has anyone got any ideas?

    Really really appreciate it!

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    I have not had any real problems with either my camera or card readers... but I have had large hard drives that accidently gotten disconnected before the proper eject ..(windows formated Fat-32) and when I pulgged them back in it took a very loooooong time before they would mount again...

    Check Disk Utility to see if that can see the card.. if so the OS may be going through disk checks before it can mount the card.
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    You may need to reformat the camera card within the camera, disconnected from the Mac. This I've had to do with a Fuji and its XD card for the very same reason you've given - not ejecting the card correctly. Easily enough done.

    Keep us informed of any progress - or other.
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