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    Buying a new battery.
    Hello there,

    This is my current battery's status:

    Of course it is dead. It only lasts for around 15 minutes or something, and that was the last time I tried.

    I am going to buy a new battery for now till I get the new MacBook Pro, and that's because I need it for college.

    I use my MacBook Pro as a desktop at home. Connected to an external monitor, AC power, keyboard, mouse, etc. and I rarely turn it off as I usually leave it on for downloads and such. I just shut the lid and let it sleep most of the time, not shut it down.

    I am pretty sure that's what killed my battery. My question is this: When I buy a new battery, should I use the old one at home and the new one at university? Is that possible (switching them)? Will that have any side effects or is it good to go?

    Also, when I buy the new battery, what's the first thing I should do? I heard I should calibrate it, but I don't know what that means or how to do it so if someone can explain/tell me what to do, that would be superb as I don't want the new battery to die on me soon - it costs around $200 USD here .

    I appreciate and am thankful for any input from anyone here.

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    Read this. Apple Portables: Tips for maximizing your battery charge
    I would not keep a defective battery in anything I value.

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