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Thread: Backing up onto an already used external hard drive

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    Backing up onto an already used external hard drive

    I was looking into alternate ways of backing up my Macbook, since last time I ONLY backed up to my external hard drive it almost crashed to the point of no return. So, this time I was looking online and found something called Carbon Copy Cloner, which makes a bootable backup copy of my laptop's drive.

    The question I have is, I already am using my 1TB external with 3 partitions. If I use Carbon Copy Cloner to backup on one of the partitions not being used, will it erase everything on my external instead of just the partition I want to back it up on??


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    If you back up to an unused partition, the remaining partitions will be left untouched. CCC will, however, erase anything that is on the partition that you back up to, so make sure the partition is unused, or at the least, that the info on that partition can be erased.

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