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    Time Capsule
    I have been trying to figure out how to build my new system and am about to have my brain explode

    I have an old G4 Firewire 800 that i want to use to host itunes for airtunes so that is fine i am getting a Aiport extreme as i need a new routher anyway.

    But i am trying to figure out how to get all my music for the G4 and mbp

    I was going to get an Esata drive for the G4 but the Esata cards are stupid expensive it seems and hard to find.

    USB2.0 is kind of slow for that in my opinon i oculd be wrong thoughts?

    Fireware 800 is still pretty expensive

    so i was thnking of getting a time capsule but ran across all the failures is this the old generation has this been fixed?

    I assume an apple tv can pull form a time capsule as well as my MBP and g4 right?

    I actually wont use the time capsule for time machine i have an external HD i take off site that i sue to back up my MBP the rest of it is expendable.



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    Unfortunately your message above is a bit confusing and difficult to understand.
    I will try my best to answer some of your questions.

    I'm pretty sure only the AirPort Express does Airtunes. Not the AirPort Extreme.

    Where is the origin of all the music? Is it on your G4 or the MBP?
    You can transfer files between two mac's by using either a Firewire cable or Ethernet cable.
    So if you dont have firewire800 on both computers, then use Ethernet instead.

    Yes, the new(est) generation TimeCapsule has addressed the issues.
    I've had mine for a while now and love it. But I do not use it as a media server, i use it for Time Machine backups only.

    Good luck!

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    Aug 22, 2010
    ok let me try this again

    Yes i know only the express does airtunes sorry, i am using the extreme as my router so i sometimes get the two out of sync.

    The G4 will have itunes up and running all the time on it to host the music for airtunes and possible for apple tv depending what the sept 1 announcment is.

    So what i am really tring to ask is the best way to store all this music for hte G4 and my MBP to share it.

    USB drive attached to airport
    Esata drive attached to G4
    or a time capsule.

    each has its own problems the usb drive is cheap but i think it might be a bit slow, the esata is great but also expesnive
    time capsule gives me the extreme and the hd for almos the same price as a esata system and i can use time machine on.

    I was also looking for info if apple had fixed the failure issue sinc ei dont want to drop 300 on a time capsule to have it fail in 15 months

    hopefully that makes more sense.

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