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    Can anyone use magic trackpad in Windows XP PC?
    I tried to follow these steps to install the driver in my windows XP:
    How to Use Apple Magic Trackpad with your Windows PC

    I can install the driver in XP, detect the trackpad. There is "bluetooth HID mouse" in the hardware management, and I try to update the driver. I can select the tracpad driver but the windows say cannot successfully install. I tried different ways but the best is just using the trackpad without right click or two fingers, just simple one click.

    Anyone have luck successfully install trackpad in Windows XP? Welcome to show me how if you know.

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    The article very specifically tells you that there are limitations in using the Magic Trackpad in Windows. The Magic Trackpad according to Apple is for the Mac only.

    Here's a quote from the article you mentioned after they got it to install in Windows:

    Though the wording on the box claims a Mac is necessary, we successfully paired the Magic Trackpad with a Windows PC. Unfortunately, Windows functionality is limited to single-touch and click functions only – we couldn’t get multitouch settings such as pinch-to-zoom and tap-to-click to work on the Magic Trackpad.

    Be satisfied that it's working at all.

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