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    Partitioning External H/Drive + TM question

    My MBP has a 320gb H/Drive which is almost full, I have a 500gb external H/Drive that Time Machine backs up to.

    Is it best for me to partition my external H/Drive? So have TM backing up to say 350gb of partitioned drive, then the remainder 150gb for me to be able to use for something else?

    That still doesn't solve the problem of me having too much content on my MPB tho.... Really it's my "movies" folder that's taking up all the space so I would like to store this externally, can TM recognise a certain folder (let's say my Movies folder) and automatically save it to my external H/Drive while deleting it from my MBP H/Drive? That would be ideal but maybe i'm being a bit optimistic there...

    Any help on what is the best way to structure this would be great.

    Thanks a lot.

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    You can partition the external if you wish, but a better solution might be to purchase a new fast large hard drive for the MBP and use the current 320 GB for external storage. I have four external drives for various usage. Nowadays, storage is inexpensive so there's really no reason to get squeezed in.

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