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    Apple Cinema Display (27 inch) vs.
    I would like to purchase a monitor or tv to connect to my laptop for work - as well as gaming (quite often) & movies.
    I am utterly lost what with all the lcd products available in the market today.

    The cinema display (27 inch) coming out in september has caught my eye but I fear the response time (12 ms) and contrast ratio falls short of other LED models such as LG's 32in LED lcd tv which is also only 700-800 dollars.

    Could someone give me tips or point me towards a monitor or tv that would suit my needs, or perhaps convince me why paying 1k for the cinema display is worth it?

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    Jul 01, 2010
    The main pros of the apple display are that it

    -charges the laptop with one cord to the wall rather than two
    -is a USB/FireWire hub with built in webcam
    -matches the apple aesthetic.

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