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    Question help me fix my PC laptop
    i have a HP compac nc4010. its a win XP laptop with no optical drive.

    i bought it used from craigslist. it work ok the first day with the exception that the arrow keys didnt work. then the second day, when i turned it on, all i got was the fan running and the power light, thats it. nothing on the screen and no sounds from the HDD. this model has no optical drive. i tried replacing the ram chip with a new one but nothing.

    now im fairly knowledgeable around computers, but this is my only PC , the rest are all APPLES. i have other HDDS that i can hook up externally, along with various USB thumb drives and some external DVD drives. i also have a copy of windows 7 that i would be willing to try to load EXTERNALY if i knew it would do sumthing.

    i have other computers that have WEB access so i can download updates or any other software if its a software issue.

    if you fellow geeks out there can help me out, that would be SMASHING!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by miketblack View Post
    i bought it used from craigslist.
    "Caveat Emptor!"

    Did the seller happen to mention any of these "defects" when you looked at it or did he say that everything works fine? Did you actually see the laptop work before you bought it? Did the ad mention anything about it being sold "AS IS"?

    You could try and get your money back, but he could always claim that it worked perfectly when he sold it to you. It is now his word against yours. If you believe the seller misrepresented the item, you can let Craigslist know and they might be able to do something about it.

    If you feel you've been cheated in a transaction or that there is false advertising on the site, please let us know so we can look into it on the site, and so we can be prepared to provide whatever help we can to police and other investigators.

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    Power-supply it seems. If it doesn't post, it's either going to be a bad mobo or powersupply. Since the fan and power light are turning on, I'd be willing to bet that the power supply can't provide enough juice for it to post.
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