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    Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter experience
    I am looking to buy a new computer and I am going for a Mac this time. I am currently using a 30" Samsung 305t display and it is essential that I can use this display in full 2560x1600 resolution with my new machine.

    My question is will the Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter work with the new i7 iMac without any of problems people has experienced when looking at the apple forum.

    Has anyone tried the adapter with this monitor and got it to work or is this adapter just a big disappointment?

    If it will not work i guess i will need to invest in a Mac Pro instead.

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    There have been no problems reported regarding the adpater you're asking about.

    However, if you go through this forum, 90% of the monitors that have had issues displaying properly from a Mac have been...

    you guessed it.


    Even while they work on every other brand.

    The majority of the remaining 10% are typically Viewsonic.
    I wouldn't personally bet $1 that any individual Samsung is going to work.
    Almost all of the issues have been pertaining to HDMI, so perhaps you'll not have any problems.

    If it were me, and I already had the cash invested in a Samsung that I wanted to keep, I'd schedule an appointment at your local Apple store and take it with you to test.
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    Hmm looking at the Apple Store comments

    Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter - Apple Store (Danmark)

    there seem to be alot of people having problems with it even though they use the 30" Cinema display.

    The problem is that when i read all the bad comments on the forums the adapter seems to tested only on Macbook Pro's and not the Imac. I am not sure why it should make a difference but if it is because of the power in the USB ports (the adapter uses 2 ports as i have read) on the laptops it could work fine on an iMac.

    So if anyone has tested the adapter without any issues please let me know.

    If the answer is that Samsung just doesn't work with the Mac's i guess i need to sell it and then i might as well just buy the IMac and save the money on the screen :/

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    Oh Well. I searched arround in Google and found the answer in the link below:

    Apple 30″ Cinema Display flickering lines | iMac Stash | imac 27 review

    Guess they never fixed the Dual-link DVI adapter, and if it doesn't work on an Apple Cinema Display it's sure not to work on my Samsung

    I guess this thread can be closed.

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