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    Connect MacBook to TV with Cathode Ray Tube
    Hi all,

    how can I connect my MacBook to a five years old TV (no flat screen; with cathode ray tube)? I'd like to watch movies on the TV from my MacBook library.

    These are my specs:
    MacBook: early 2008 version, Intel Core Duo 2.4Ghz processor, 4GB RAM.

    TV: I bought it used, so I don't have all the specs. But I know it has a composite output (three small plugs: red, white, yellow) and a scart plug. Brand Philips, size 32".

    Thanks a lot,


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    The red white yellow plugs are S video

    You will need 3 things, a Macbook to VGA adaptor, a VGA to S-Video converter box and a 3 mm audio lead to connect the Macbooks sound output to the TV

    VGA adaptor
    You can get these from the Apple store, find out if your MacBook has a mini DVI or Mini DisplayPort video out connector (I think yours is Mini DVI)
    Mini-DVI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Mini DisplayPort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Then get the right adaptor, ie Mini DVI
    Apple Mini DVI to VGA Adapter - Apple Store (U.K.)

    VGA box
    Next you need a converter box, I got one from this eBay seller...
    PC Laptop VGA to AV S-Video TV Signal Converter Box T-7 on eBay (end time 31-Aug-10 10:18:28 BST)

    To get the sound to the TV you just need a simple 3mm jack to phono lead (you may already have one lying around)
    3-Ft. 1/8" Stereo to Dual Phono (RCA) Plug Y-cable -
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    Hi louishen,

    thanks a lot for the reply. I really appreciate.

    I'm running to buy these things.


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    On the same topic:
    would the configuration louishen suggested also work if I run Windows XP Home edition via Bootcamp on my Macbook?


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