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    Tragic Mackpad - Love it
    I've had my magic trackpad long enough to get several layers of gestures set up (using Better Touch and then retrained my hand to them (edit: it didn't take that long at all since I have an Alum Macbook). At first I thought that dragging might be, well, a drag, but nope. This thing is great. I used to think that Magic Mouse had solved alot of my hand problems since I could gesture on the surface (I have excessive cramping and locking due to long periods of computer use), but I found the mouse was somewhat undersized thus making me grip it with my thumb and pinky finger on the base. The track pad has solved that problem. I no longer have mouse-lock hand. Magic Mouse is off and in the drawer, waiting only for possible use with graphical mapping programs that require exceptional precision, but maybe MTP will even work with that.

    Go Tragic Mackpad! Simple device, but works great.
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    Good times! Mine should be arriving tomorrow! I'll let you know how I get on with it! I'll be honest I'm apprehensive; I am a mouse guy!

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    Additional Magic Trackpad comments:

    - Nick
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    - Apple Battery Info. Battery

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