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    Smile imac G4 upgraded!!
    Setting up my wife's imac g4 800mhz, and installed 1 gb of ram ( 512 internal and external ) up from just the factory 256.

    After install, the RAM appears properly in the " About this MAC" but I guess I'm not really sensing the speed difference.

    I'm definitely more used to PC's, and am accustomed to making virtual memory tweaks after installing more RAM.

    Besides the rest of the tweaks I've seen around, are there any that need to be done after a RAM upgrade?


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    Your right about the "virtual memory" swapping slowing things down on a computer with not enough ram. But maybe this iMac G4 was running well on just the factory 256meg before the upgrade. Of course 1 gig of ram will help when doing other programs that require more ram...or having multiple applications open at the same time.

    The whole ram thing also depends on what OS version this iMac G4 is running. The older the OS version...the better it will run on just 256meg of ram.

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