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Thread: Format an un-mountable external SSD drive

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    Format an un-mountable external SSD drive
    Hello, Just wanted to know if anyone had a way of formatting an un-mountable external SSD drive? I have tried to repair the drive with Disk Utility, but haven't had any luck. Disk Utility can see the drive but not mount the disk. I have tried to use the Snow Leopard CD, but nothing shows up in the Selection Box. I saw somewhere there was a built in safety for drives failing for data recovery. Is it possible that this is keeping me from formatting the drive????
    I refuse to believe that this drive is dead!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Moved to appropriate forum.

    If you can't mount the drive there's no way to repair it with Disk Utility. You might try other software such as Disk Warrior but it's uncertain that it would work.

    As far as a built in safety for the drive failing data recovery, unless it's something specific for an SSD, I've no idea what it could be. SSD failures are beginning to show up as they become more popular in usage. I suggest contacting the manufacturer of the drive to see what they say and perhaps get a RMA for a new drive.


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