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    Aug 07, 2010
    controller ps2 in mac
    recently bought a USB adapter to connect the PS2 to control my Imac and play PES 2010 but I'm having trouble mapping the commands .. can someone give me a hint?

    also important to say that already downloaded the driver USB Overdrive

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    Jul 24, 2010
    You could try controllermate, I have used it for PS3 controllers and it works really well. OrderedBytes - ControllerMate. That's where to get controllermate, and the tutorial I used to map the commands was How to use a PS3 Controller with CoD 4 Mac OS X, there are 4 parts and I recommend watching them, they're very helpful and they work with more than just COD. If you have snow leopard then you don't need to download the drivers, and the video is for PS3 controllers so it may not be the exact same.

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    Aug 07, 2010
    thanks for the tips man, I'll watch the video and try to do the mapping to the control of the PS2.
    and yes I use the snow leopard ..

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