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    NTFS Formatted external harddrive
    I have a NTFS formatted external hard drive (so ive been told ) connected to a home pc with lots of files on it created by the pc.

    Will i be able to transfer them to my macbook pro without data loss. Im not looking to write files to the external harddrive just copy them over to my mac without loss of data

    is this just a dream or is it possible!

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    Try this:

    NTFS-3G at Tuxera

    I use it and it works fine. It will read your drive but Windows only files will remain "Windows Only" in terms of functionality.

    Hope this helps.

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    If you want to just be able to read the drive, then you don't even need to use a special driver like NTFS-3G posted above. Mac OS has NTFS-read capability.

    To write to the drive you can either use NTFS-3G or I would recommend NTFS-Mounter or Paragon NTFS.

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    Does read also mean drag and drop to the MAC from the NTFS drive?

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