I'm new to the mac operating system and had a question about the function of Photo Booth. I am able to use my built-in webcam to make video calls on skype however, sometimes when I open Photobooth WHILE the video call is still in progress on skype, photobooth seems to snatch the video image. The skype video then turns off and suddenly goes on in Photobooth. It doesn't happen all the time, only sometimes which makes it even more strange.

I know most people say that which ever video program is on first occupies the camera. But what could've caused this strange error. Is it my system, or is it Skype. My video calls last a long while if that reveals anything.

It isn't a huge inconvenience since, I am able to quit one program and the one I leave on works fine.

Anyone else experience something similar or know what is causing it?

Thank you in advance.