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    I got the track pad for my 27" iMac because of the potential I think it shows to do some things I might not do as easily with my magic mouse. I am frustrated, though, because of things I struggle with as a newbie to trackpads. Last night I was trying to drag an e-book from my iTunes library to my iPod. I have a big library of books, 100 or more, so it was a long drag on the 27" display from the library to my iPod books folder. I have checked and unchecked everything related to dragging but can't do it. It always ends up over in the playlists. There appear to be no tutorials yet for the trackpad. The video in preferences makes it look easy, a lot easier than reality. I finally gave up, turned off my trackpad, turned on my magic mouse, and moved it easily. Please give me tips on trackpad dragging before I consider jumping off the nearest tall building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smudgeyjoe View Post
    Please give me tips on trackpad dragging before I consider jumping off the nearest tall building.
    If you're having trouble with the Magic need to jump-off a building...just return the trackpad to the Apple Store!

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    This is why Apple stores/resellers exist in the first place. So you can actually use the thing as intended before you buy it. Anyways I think if you hate it that much you should return it.

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    I don't hate it at all. I just want to be able to use it better.

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