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    Can you build an apple?
    i know you can build a PC but is it possible to build an Apple based computer from scratch?

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    that would be a Hackintosh, which is against the OSX software agreement. Being illegal we cannot discuss unlawful acts on the forum.
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    As lou said, it's illegal but easily done and not discussed here. You may have better luck Googling for an answer as there are several well established wiki's on the topic which use retail OS X DVD's (and NOT bittorrent pirated OS X images).
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    Well yes actually it's possible. It's called a Mac Pro. The only catch is most is the parts have to come from Apple. That's in the EULA. So technically it's possible. But the answer is not what most people are after.

    But making an Apple totally from 3rd party hardware is not possible. There'd be no Apple logo on it (just kidding ).

    So to answer your question.
    Yes if you source the parts direct from Apple. And that is a Mac.
    Yes if you get all the parts from places that are not Apple. But that is a hackintosh. And the OS X EULA says don't load OS X on a hackintosh. And I think most M-F users agree.

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    Besides -- if you're going for Apple/Mac OS X in the first place, why trap it in a fugly cage?

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    Question: Can you build an apple?
    Answer: Buy an apple tree?

    Sorry, had to.
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    ok thanks for the info guys.

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    Actually I've researched this before for a Uni assignment and it is actually possible to build a real Apple computer. I chose a Mac Mini and it's perfectly possible to replicate it, as all the parts are available from the various websites however it would be VERY difficult to do so and it's also a lot more expensive to do in comparison to buying it from Apple.

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