I did some forum searching and didn't see anything on this topic. I apologize if I missed it.

I have a little 250GB external USB drive now that I use solely for Time Capsule. I realized the other day that my HD in the Macbook is about half full. Time to start thinking about maybe another solution. Just want to be ahead of the game. While I understand that Time Capsule rotates out the oldest backup, I'm more concerned with the diminishing HD space on my MBP.

This lead me to this question: How do you move your existing Time Capsule backups to another HD. This is what I found on the Internet...

Mac OS X v10.6: How to transfer your backups from your current hard drive to a new hard drive

If you upgrade to a new hard drive with a larger capacity, you may want to transfer your existing Time Machine backups to it before using it for regular backups. To keep your existing backups on your new, larger backup hard drive, follow these steps:

- Connect your new hard drive.
- In Disk Utility, make sure it has a GUID partition and is formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). If needed, reformat the drive as Mac OS Extended with a GUID partition. If you do not know how, see the steps in this article. Note: Back up any data on the hard drive before you format it.
- Select the new drive's icon on the desktop and choose Get Info from the File menu.
Make sure "Ignore ownership on this volume" is not enabled.
- Open Time Machine preferences in System Preferences.
- Slide the Time Machine switch to Off.
- In Finder, double-click the current backup hard drive to open its Finder window.
Drag the folder "Backups.backupd" to the new hard drive.
- Enter an administrator user name and password, then click OK to start the copying process. This may take some time to complete because all your backups will be copied.
- In Time Machine System Preferences click "Select Disků"
Select your new hard drive, then click "Use for Backup."

Now, on your new hard drive, you will have all of your existing backups from the previous backup hard drive plus have more room for more new backups.

I hope this helps someone. Again sorry if this is a repost or something that I should have known without looking up.