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    Jul 28, 2010
    Razer Imperator?
    Anyone here use a Razer Imperator mouse?

    I bought one today and I'm feeling a bit annoyed - the box claims the mouse will work on a Mac and I downloaded the driver from the Razer site but I cannot get my iMac (10.5.8) to recognize buttons 6 & 7 (the two under the scroll wheel).

    The whole reason I bought this mouse was because I wanted the 7 buttons

    I also downloaded SteerMouse but I can't get that to pick them up either. Pretty sure they aren't faulty - if I use them in StreeMouse I get a cranky tone so there is some tiny bit of recognition.

    Has anyone got them to do anything??

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    Jul 28, 2010
    Just an update in case anyone else ever has the same problem - I contacted Razer about the issue and got a very weak response stating that the Imperator can be used on a Mac and the driver for it might be updated at some point. Or it might not be. No acknowledgment of my actual problem with getting buttons 6 & 7 to work.

    After doing some googling i found the work around of getting on my Asus netbook and downloading the Windows driver. After seeing that, Razer really should be ashamed of the crap they offer claiming full Mac use. Anyway, I programmed the mouse in Windows and went back to my iMac. Buttons 6 & 7 still didn't respond. I put the computer to sleep and went out... when I came back to it, I discovered that buttons 6 & 7 now work Button 4 now does not but I figure with some extra tweaking in Windows it will probably come good.

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    Same Here...
    I had just as much difficulty programming the buttons. And if you have SteerMouse or USB Overdrive, you can't have the Razer Imperator drivers installed or you won't be able to change the button configurations. I wouldn't necessarily call this mouse "Mac Compatible." There is no point in making that statement unless you give the same features to the Mac platform as well as the Windows platform. If you did the same thing to Windows users, there would be a revolt.

    I already had Parallels on my iMac with Windows 7, so I was able to install the drivers there and configure the buttons.

    The Razer people have stated that there will be an update possibly maybe later this year (whatever that means). That was in March. How hard is it to add button configuration functionality to a preference pane? Seriously?!

    I absolutely hate when a peripheral or game company completely neglects one platform while favoring another. For crying out loud, Valve—arguably one of the largest game companies that used to bash Macs—has now released Steam for the Mac platform. I feel like it's the flippin' 90s again. The Mac platform is becoming increasingly competitive in the gaming market, so I suggest the Razer people stop dissing an exponentially growing market of consumers.

    The only thing we can do is email them until they fix it. I sent them a long message, and hopefully others will do the same.

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