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    Angry MagSafe bad connection?
    Yet another problem has struck my MacBook Pro 13 in the space of a few months. I bought this computer back in May (I think). Anyway it's one of the new April 2010 ones. But I have had multiple problems with it, first the hard drive died and now the MagSafe won't work.

    So I went to use my computer today to find that the battery was running on reserve power. So I pulled my MagSafe off my shelf and plugged it in (As you would ) and it started to charge normal at first, but then I wondered why it said again that it was running on reserves. So I checked that it was plugged in the wall outlet all the way which it was, and then moved on to the power brick - again same thing, it was all connected. I go over and check my computer and yet again everything is connected as it normally would be.

    So I wondered why there was no light on the MagSafe and started Google-ing the problem, but there were no solutions to my problem (This was in the space of 30 mins by the way). So I started to do some "diagnostics" of my own, and in a few minutes I figured out that when I hold my MacBook vertically with the I/O facing upwards and the SuperDrive facing downwards it starts to charge as normal, then when I put it in normal position it stops charging.

    Do you think this is a problem with the MacBook or the MagSafe?

    I have tried cleaning the connections, trying different outlets, but still no luck.

    Google wasn't giving me any helpful answers so I thought I would talk to the friendly guys on the forum.


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    Repair permission via Disk Utility and then log out then back in and see what happens. I have noticed sometime after my MBP 13" is plugged in for a while that i get the *orange* light on the magsafe. With a reboot all seems well and light goes to green ...

    ?? worth a try anyways

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    It sounds like there is still some obstruction in either the receptacle or in the "teeth" of the magsafe connector that is causing a short. Get a magnifying glass and check those two areas carefully.

    I've cleared out tiny bits of metal from magsafe receptacles several times that "miraculously" made them start working again.

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