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    Keyboard Function Buttons
    Hello all, new member here.

    I would really appreciate some assistance with my keyboard settings if anyone could help?

    I have a macbook from 2008, bought in the Netherlands. It's QWERTY and the function keys are as follows:
    F1 - Brightness down
    F2 - Brightness up
    F3 - Expose
    F4 - Dashboard
    F5 -
    F6 -
    F7 - Rewind
    F8 - Play/Pause
    F9 - Fast Forward
    F10 - Mute
    F11 - Volume Down
    F12 - Volume Up

    So, this is the setup I am used to and have been using since I bought the Macbook. Yesterday I bought an Apple Wireless Keyboard (QWERTY) with exactly the same layout for all the function buttons, it connects fine (I'm typing with it now), however the function keys respond differently.
    For example, F12 opens the dashboard and F9 opens Expose.

    I have my settings in International on US and I never had a problem before, so I tried changing it to Dutch (where I bought the Macbook) but the problem still persists. In fact now that I explored a bit I find that the onscreen Keyboard Viewer also has a different Function button layout from the Macbook itself, no matter which country input I choose.

    If anyone could help me put my settings for the Keyboard Viewer and Wireless Keyboard to be the same as the actual Macbook's layout, I'd be very grateful.


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    The function keys on the apple keyboards are double function keys, they are the F1, F2 .etc keys when pressed in combination with the fn key, and they are the Brightness down/up .etc keys when pressed without the fn key.
    The only thing I can think of is that a checkbox in the System Preferences may be checked.
    Go to System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard, and make sure that "Use all F1,F2 .etc keys as standard function keys" is unchecked.
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