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    Can I Create Two Clones On One External Hard Drive?
    So I have an iMac and Macbook that I wanted to back up and upgrade to Snow Leopard. Anyways, I purchased my external drive and was able to create a bootable clone of my iMac using Carbon Copy Cloner and then upgraded to Snow Leopard and have the bootable clone there in addition to the Time Machine backups.

    However, I'd like to do the same thing with my Macbook. In other words, ideally, I'd like to have two bootable clones on this external hard drive (one for iMac and Macbook) and the two Time Machine backup folders (for each computer).

    Would this be possible? For example, if I went on to Carbon Copy Cloner and just told it to create a bootable clone on my external, would it create a separate bootable clone or would it overwrite the existing one? I'm kind of wondering if the same would happen with Time Machine.


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    Not possible. CCC will overwrite the previous clone with a new one. However, if the drive is large enough, you can use Disk Utility to split it into two partitions. Call the first partition CCC1 and the second CCC2. Format both of them as HFS+ Journaled, GUID.

    CCC will then "see" the single drive partitioned as two separate drives. Then you can do your clones individually. Just don't get confused while you're cloning.


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