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    Notebook keyboard question
    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the forum. I recently got myself a Powerbook G4 (still in the mail) and while researching notebooks one thing I keep wondering is with the keyboards. I'll use titanium Powerbook keyboards for examples

    This one is a normal keyboard

    This one has a weird return key.

    I still see new notebooks today with both regular and "weird" keyboards mixed together. Anyone explain the weird keyboard? And is still available today? Also, my Powerbook has a regular keyboard.

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    The aluminum keyboard that Apple sells is of the newer type. Actually they sell two or three different kinds: Full with numeric keypad and without - wired ($49.00) and the smaller wireless without the numeric keypad. See this LINK.

    Your keyboard is of the older type which has the Apple symbol on the command key.


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    OK, but my question was about the return key, why did they sell 2 different kinds at the same time?

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    The second keyboard looks like it's a non-US keyboard. Apple definitely makes different keyboard layouts for different countries.

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