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    Hi Guys

    I am on 50 Mb/s Internet Broadband and I want to install a Router that was provided to me by my ISP (virgin media).

    I want to know whether connection a router is the same for windows as it is for a Mac !

    On Windows all you did was connection up the cables between the Modem, the Router and the PC and you're done. You did not have to do anything else.

    Are there any special things that I need to be aware of in case of the iMac ?

    I would greatly appreciate any help.

    Thank You.
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    Yes. Plug it in, access the menu in your web browser and configure it as you wish (WPA etc.)
    No special instructions really. Normally you'll get a D Link from Virgin, or a Netgear.
    If you don't get a manual, let us know which router you have and we can help more.
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    Like Kevin said, plug it in. If you need help though, do give us the brand/model of the router and we will gladly assist.

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