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Thread: Logitech Cordless Desktop S520 work on mac?

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    Logitech Cordless Desktop S520 work on mac?
    Hi, im in the market for a wireless keyboard and mouse and the Logitech Cordless Desktop S520 fits my needs, but i cant seem to find if this works on mac? Specifically a 17" C2D 2.33GHz Macbook Pro

    Also if anyone has this and a ps3 does it work on that too?

    Thanks in advance, Funkdabeat
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    Logitech products works fine on Macs and here is the Logictech Comntrol Centre download:-

    Apple - Downloads - Drivers - Logitech Control Center

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    Harry - like the OP, I looked at a number of sites for that model in terms of Mac compatibility, and couldn't find a thing! It's a laser-controlled unit, as opposed to wireless, so I'd be very wary about buying it until I knew for sure there was associated hardware that the Mac will handle.

    Laser depends very much upon line-of-sight, as do some wireless (radio) units, especially those relying on a USB dongle. If something is blocking the k'bd/mouse from whatever is receiving the signals, it's a no-go.
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    One thing that kept bugging me when looking for an external keyboard was that I wanted 4 keys to the left of the space bar - just to use the fn key to control iTunes in the background but that only because I need the classic fkeys as fkeys and not function keys. The order of alt, ctrl doesn't matter since that can be easily remapped.

    As far as compatibility goes, it's always better to try it out somewhere before actually buying it and computer stores usually have a wide range of keyboards for customers to try out. But I think you shouldn't have any compatibility issues, even though it's a usb "dongle" the communication protocol with the computer will be the same as with a wired keyboard.

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