Hey Mac users. This is my first post on Mac-Forum. I made this account just to ask this question - and replies will really be a help.

For Christmas, I got an Dynex HDTV. I also got a Canopus ADVC-100.
I've had my PS3 for 3 years and I wanted to make movies. Also, it's been my dream to be a premiere director for Machinima on Youtube. So. Heres whats going on.

This DYNEX tv i have is pretty weird. It only has like.. 5 different input/output things in the back. (Sorry for my "thingy" talk. I'm not really familiar with all of this technician type stuff) And I need something around the lines of "video output" or "Monitor Out" or something like that. and my friend said to get a Y-Cable with RCA Connector. and I needed 3 of them for each AV cable (red, white, and yellow.) So i just want to be sure what to get.

Today I went to radioshack they had absolutley no idea what I was talking about which is pretty sad considering it's an electronic store. And I found something but it turned out to be the wrong thing and I'm taking them back tomorrow. So could someone go to a website or if you've had recent experience, and find me the link of what you had / got. Help is appreciated. Thank you