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    Flash drive formating problem
    I have a Kingston Data traveler 200 64gb. I Was f-ing around and tried to refarmat it to a time machine back up drive. Obviously it didnt do much for my 250gb macbook.

    The problem i'm having now is that i cant format my flash drive so that PC computers can see it. Only Macs. Looks like PCs only see FAT16. Somehow the drive was partitioned and one part was FAT32 and one was FAT16, but only one of them became visible on PCs (both on my mac).

    I have used disk utilities but still can format it to a proper universal Mac and PC flash drive. Anyone have an answer to this.... seems like there should be a easy fix..


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    Have a quick look on the forum here, as there are many threads related to this topic.

    Cheers ... McBie
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    Ah thanks! My bad for not searching the forum. Any idea what i should search for? Drive reformat, flash drive reformat?

    Thanks regardless

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    When formatting flash drives using Disk Utility, you have to choose partitioning it as MBR not GUID. If you use the default format (FAT-32) and GUID, Disk Utility will create two partitions on the flash drive. One small 200 MB as EFI and the remainder FAT-32. That chokes Windows as it can't see past the first EFI partition and you'll wind up with a large flash drive with only 200 MB.

    My recommendation for formatting any flash drive smaller than 32 GB is to use a Windows PC. (Disk Manager)


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