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    Surge Protecter
    After having some things hit by a power surge in the past, I now refuse to use any of my electronics without a surge protecter on them. I'm looking for a very small unit that I can use for my MacBook Pro while on the go or at school. It needs to be able to take a powerful hit and be high-quality. I would like it to be small enough to put in my computer bag. I would also like it to be under $40 or so. I had one in mind, but don't know if its powerful enough. I need opinions on this one please. Or other suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

    Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger - Apple Store (U.S.)

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    I'll be honest with you.... buying a surge protector for just your MBP is a waste of money. When storms approach, remove it from the AC mains and use it on battery. That's the best protection. Now if you have other things that need to operated on AC only, that's different. An iMac would be a good example where you would want either an UPS or a very good surge protector.

    Besides, that mini protector you linked to is not going to provide much protection in the event of a large power spike that may occur from a close lightning strike.


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