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    restart trouble after TM system restore
    Hello. We had to take my MBP to the Genius Bar today where they had to do an "erase and install" of OS X to fix a software glitch on my MBP, and as it was when we took the computer back home today, all my files, photos, folders, etc. had been wiped out. Fortunately this time I had an external hard drive connected to my MBP since April that was doing regular automatic Time Machine backups - so when we got home today I did a system restore of my "machintosh HD" (from one of the Time Machine backups on the external hard drive) to my newly wiped MBP's "machintosh HD" twice this afternoon - both times the system restore completed successfully, and then the computer asked me to restart the MBP. So I clicked on the blue "restore" button that was inside of a dialog box bearing the words "system restore successful" and the computer turned off and back on again, showing a normal whitish screen with a hard disk icon at its center with "macintosh HD" below this and a white arrow below these words. I clicked on the white arrow, and after a few sec. a darker shade of gray rolled down the screen from the top, and at the center was a even darker gray multilanguage dialog box with the words (in white letters) "You need to restart your computer. Press and hold the power button until the computer shuts off, then press the power button to turn it back on." I did this, but the same thing happened - this same multilanguage dialog box came up again, and no matter what I do - hold down Option or Ctrl + Command, or Shift while pressing the power button to turn on the computer, this little gray multilanguage dialog box keeps reappearing with the same message.

    How am I supposed to get my MBP (bought it brand new July of 2009) to boot up successfully after a successful Time Machine system restore?

    May I tell you guys please, there's nothing wrong with the hard drive - I even tried reinstalling Leopard from my OS X install Disc that came with the computer only to go thru this whole thing all over again - Help?

    Thanks in advance.

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    What you're experiencing is "kernel panic". Kernel panics can be caused by bad hardware - how do you know your hard drive is OK? Have you checked the drive using Disk Utility when booted from your Leopard disk?

    Also, you might want to take the MBP back to the genius bar along with your external hard drive with the Time Machine backup on it. What kind of a software glitch caused them to erase and reinstall Leopard?


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