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    Question iTunes & time machine - USB or Firewire

    A straightforward question

    I've got a Mac Mini with the iTunes music folder currently on a separate firewire 400 drive, and am getting an additional external drive for time machine.

    Which way around would be the optimum set up? FireWire for iTunes, USB2 for time machine, or vice versa. My guess is the former because FW is faster, but not knowing much about the other differences between USB2 and FW, I'm thinking it may not be as obvious as that.

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    The answer is which one do you want running faster? Since the Time Machine backups do not necessarily have to run as often (you can adjust the time interval) perhaps it would be best to use the USB2 connection for that.

    You will notice a difference in file transfer speed using FW 400 over USB 2, especially the sustained speed. Even better would be a FW 800 drive.


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