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    Surround Sound Receiver?
    I have a 2009 MacBook 2GHz and 2 KLH (model TW-08 sat) satellite speakers KLH TW08B Main / Stereo Speaker - Product details and features - DealTime.

    I am wanting to play sound from my MacBook (playing a DVD) to these speakers but do not know what receiver I need to make sure the surround sound output from my mac gets translated correctly to these speakers.

    I am looking for something cheap (probably under $100) as I am not too concerned with quality.

    Thanks for any help you can send my way. My searches so far, yield conflicting results.

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    So presumably you just want stereo sound, not full 5.1, as that is what surround sound is (at minimum).
    That being the case, any receiver will do the job. You just need a 3mm stereo - 2 x phono out cable like this:

    Fisual 3.5mm Jack To Phonos - 30cm Install Series Special - 3.5mm Jack - Phono Cables - Audiovisual Online - High Quality Audio Video Cables and Accessories

    Connect to the Mac's line out, and into any of the inputs on the back of the receiver and you will be away.
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