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    Please Help: My USB says 'the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer'!!
    hi, i can't believe this happened to me. i have very important work related files on here and need them back.

    i get that message when i put the usb key into my macbook pro. all day yesterday i was trying to fix it, i tried a program called testdisk but it didnt work, partition doctor it did not work.

    i tried another program called data rescue for mac which tried to recover files, but it put hundreds of random porn pictures into my usb device along with gay porn pictures? wtf?

    Yesterday, the scanner would not connect to the apple computer so i had to use a vista computer, i plugged my usb into and took out both the mac and windows a couple of times. like an idiot, i didn't 'safely' remove it.. who does?
    next thing you know, i plug it into the mac and it starts giving me that error msg.

    From what i have read on the internet people say that the mac deleted a partition file (whatever that is?) i have not formatted the usb key as i have very important files. i have tried data recovery programs, all of them only recover a portion of the stuff on the disk, mostly the unimportant things like pictures of vacations, etc.. HELP!

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    That's what happens when you download and attempt to use an illegal copy of Data Rescue, you get porn. Go to the ProSoft web site and download a trial copy of Data Rescue 3 and use it to see if it can find your files. If it can, buy the program. ($99.00)

    What probably happened to your USB flash drive is that it became corrupt when you removed it without safely ejecting it first. Flash drives have to be ejected since the system may still be writing from the cache to the drive. Interrupting it causes corruption.


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