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    Input Not Supported message on reinstalling Snow Leopard
    I'm wanting to do a complete clean rebuild of Snow Leopard on my Mac Mini to get rid of stuff that doesn't need to be there but when I installed the disk, clicked on Utilities and Restart the screen of my Acer V173 went blank with the message "Input Not Supported." It would go at all leaving me blind to taking the process any further. I tried reinstalling cables but that did no good. It's working fine again now with the reinstallation process unstarted but what is the problem?

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    Just so it's clear what we are dealing with:

    - What are the specs of your Mac-Mini?
    - What OS version is currently installed?
    - What sort of video cable and/or video cable adapters (if any) are you using (VGA, DVI, mini-display port, mini-DVI, etc.)?


    - Nick
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    Mac Mini 2.26Ghz 8GB RAM
    Thanks Nick. I'm running last years Mac Mini, 2.26Ghz and 2GB RAM with Snow Leopard 10.6.4. The cables are VGA with a mini-DVI adapter.

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