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    Talking Help with ext hdd - takes Forever to mount
    Hey y'all,

    I have a 500g LaCie ext hdd, when I connect it to my Macbook the hard drive "churns" for quite some time (30+ minutes, I haven't timed it exactly). Once it's done, the hard drive pops up on my desktop and off we go. What's going on here? I've assumed it's some kind of indexing thing that's happening? The drive does not appear in disk utility either while it's doing it's thing. Seems to be some interesting restrictions on external drive usage, which is actually a minor yet kinda important protest I have with Apple's choice to go that way. Essentially, I've got to get a new mac with a bigger internal "primary" drive just to hold all the apps I want/need to run. I didn't really understand this fully until After buying the 500g ext hdd, I thought I'd be good to go with all sorts of things. Though still the ext hdd is useful, regular backups feel good.

    Anyhoo back to it... Anyone know what's going on with the ext hdd churning before it appears as mounted? I checked and while it's churning, it does not appear in disk utility either.

    Thanx much for your help!



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    I would say that the drive is either dying, or it has power issues. What I mean is that it may not be getting enough power. Is it a hub powered or mains powered drive?
    Does it show in Disk Utility once mounted, and have you tried verifying it once mounted?
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    It sounds like it has power issues, if it eventually mounts the dirve should be fine. Contact Lacie, tell them your issue, and they will probably send out a new power supply. I had to have that done with mine as well.

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