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Thread: Time Capsule and USB External Hardrive

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    Time Capsule and USB External Hardrive
    Hi, new in here, glad I registered ! This is my situation, I acquired a 1TB TC mainly to share pictures and music between computers in my network at home and to use it as a hard drive to store pics and tunes. For some reason I just can't get to like time machine for a 1000 unknown reasons, so stupid me, I have to find other ways to achieve what I want. So far so good, I have my TC running as a shared hard drive and I associated both storage folders from itunes and iphotos to be the ones stored in the TC, so my computers aren't writing directly to their HD's and I am only doing it for this 2 applications, so its working fine, except is you run out of power or you reset your TC, sometimes you have to reconnect manually to the share HD in TC and also, it happened to my this afternoon..... I purchased a Verbatim 500 GB USB External HArd Drive for extra backup, so I went and plugged the USB HD to the TC as instructed, I went to the Airport Utility and under the TAB Disk in the TC settings, I could see the Verbatim HD, so no problem ! That's when my TC was reseted for the changes to apply. Ok, good, then I go in finder and I could see my TC shared folder open under shared in the column, but I could not see my USB External HD, I only found it under the TC shared folder, so only when the TC shared drive is connected I can see it under the TC folder, but not in finder, as is to be expected since the USB HD is plugged directly to the TC. Ok, I can live with that. So I go into Iphotos, and 2 years of pictures and videos were gone, oh crap, and in my wife's computer, so I had a little set back moment, then I got around it and did the trick to press the option key at the same time you are opening Iphoto application, then a message pops asking for the library location, good, then I went to the TC share drive folder and click on the library previously storage and, voila, everything was there, what a relief. But, still, you probably have to do that every time the TC is off or resetting?? I don't know yet, hasn't happened again, YET !

    So moving on, then I tried to set time machine (I tried it once at least), and I wanted to set it to go write directly into the Verbatim HD but it didn't work, I could only use TC as an option, or would have to plug the External HD directly to my computer via USB to at least create an a disk image or a simple drag and drop (which I did not), so that's that, sad.

    Then, I found an option under the disk tab in the TC settings, so I tried to use it and still running very slow and I can not even force quick the process, it looks something like this:

    See attached picture.

    So if any of you know how to stop this process, it will be great, or I am doing the right thing??

    Thanks and sorry for the long post.
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    Welcome to the Forum. What is not clear, is what your aim is. You say `my computers' and speak of your wife's computer. My suggestion is to try and step back and decide what is best method of back up for you and how many computers need to be backed up.
    Time Machine is great for going back to get previous versions of files, for me a bootable back up is more important as it covers for mechanical failure and if you keep a HD `Off Site' then that gives coverage for theft and fire.
    Have a look here at McBie's comments and then it may help define what is best for you.
    If speed is important then computer to Ext HD with Firewire 800 is real quick.

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