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    Transferring files from External to Macbook Pro
    Alright heres my situation:

    I am going to get my first Mac computer, the Macbook Pro, when the Back to School Promotion starts (hopefully next week). I am starting to plan for the conversion from a PC to a Mac by putting all the files i want to back up on my external hard drive. Once the files are transfered onto the mac, i ultimately want to be able to then backup files from my mac onto the external. I actually have a few questions. The first one being Will i be able to transfer this material without have to format my harddrive? If not, will i lose my files on my external hard drive if i have to reformat it just so it can be read on a mac? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If the external hard drive is formatted to FAT-32 it will be compatible with both your new MBP and the PC. You can easily transfer files back and forth.

    However, if the external is formatted to NTFS, you'll need to either install a driver on the Mac or use the built in NTFS read write capability of Snow Leopard which is not turned on by default. When you get your MBP, post back and we can help you solve that very easily.


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    Here is a good read while you are getting ready :


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