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    Can't get external monitor into Extended
    I recently bought an Acer B243HL 24" (1920x1080) monitor to work off of my MacBook Pro (MBP 3,1). I've been experiencing a lot of trouble and frustration trying to get the resolution correct, but the problem actually got worse tonight--I can't get the external monitor to work in Extended mode at all now.

    Mirrored mode works fine. The resolution looks a little busted set to 1920x1080, but... So when I'm in System Preferences and unclick Mirrored, the external screen goes black and says "Input Not Supported". The desktop of my MBP goes entirely blue (no desktop) and the only thing on the screen is the Color LCD pane of System Prefs. I have to press F7 on the MBP to get back to Mirrored mode, where I once again see the Display/Arrangement/Color System Prefs pane on both screens

    I have one idea of when/why this happened, which might shed some light on what needs to be done to remedy the sitch. The last time I was in System Preferences when Extended was working, I moved the menu bar to my External monitor. Then I was messing around with the resolutions in the dropdown and accidentally set it to one that wasn't going to work for my External. I'm thinking that the external still might be on that bunk resolution. Is there any command line stuff I can use to set things back to default? Thanks very much for any ideas.

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    Welcome to the Forum. Have you access to another computer to sort the menubar issue?. Can you not return the Acer to default resolution with its built in controls then start over.

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