Hoping someone can help me as I am on the verge of throwing my Mac and new printer out of a window! Have literally read about 100 internet pages in the last 5 hours trying to get my printer to install and it just won't work.

I have downloaded the correct software (for Snow Leopard) from hp.com
I have installed it and can get to the point when the printer connects to the wireless network.

Once I get to Network Setup the printer is picking up my network (called Indies-Home-Network) and showing it as a strong signal. I have also printed a network config page and the printer tells me it can see my network on that print out too!

But... when I select the network from the list, I get the message "NETWORK UNAVAILABLE: The selected Wi-Fi Network is not within the reach of the device." and it won't go any further. So the network is there and visible and the printer tells me it can see it but then can't connect - it just doesn't make sense!

I saw another answer on a forum about 'just creating an ad hoc network and adding the printer to that' but I have NO CLUE how to do this so am completely stuck.

Please please can someone help me before I break something!