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    Security struggles with Iomega ix2-200
    I just purchased a ix2-200 (4 TB) RAIDed NAS device to use for Time Machine backups as well as to store some data that I want to protect from casual observers. (Yes, for better security, I will need to encrypt at rest which is another project).

    First off, time machine is working very well. I simply use the admin password to authenticate when TM initially connects.

    However, I can't seem to get regular file-based authentication working. There are a number of problems:

    • My mac user is "firstname lastname", but the device doesn't accept spaces.
    • It seems to allow me access even though it didn't ask me to authenticate. It seems that it understands that I created the security. Under my wife's account, she doesn't have acess. I suspect because I've already authenticated as 'admin'.
    • When one attempts to enter a security folder, it simply posts an error message and doesn't provide a method to authenticate.

    BTW: AFP and CIFS are enabled.

    I'd expect at the least that any secure access attempt would require a pop-up to accept creds. My preference would be for it to recognize an appropriate person's Mac creds (or Windows creds for that matter) and silently give them access.

    Any ideas?

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    Talking Solutions to the issue
    For those who run into a similar issue, here's what I found:

    I did figure out how to enter credentials when mounting the NAS folder (in the finder ... I know, probably normal Mac knowledge, but I'm relatively new to Mac being a Unix/Linux and Windows guy). However, that sorta worked. Keep in mind that my NAS creds remained different from my Mac creds since I still had a space in my Mac username. Reading was fine, but I kept running into periodic failures when creating a file due to some unstated issue with permissions. This was the same whether I enforced security or opened it up fully. I was getting reading to ship the thing back.

    Then I changed my Mac name by concatenating my first and last name to remove the space. I also insured that my NAS name was the same with the same password. Bingo, it's been working beautifully.

    All this is with Apple Talk. I didn't play with CifS.

    One more thing ... I just purchased an IMAC and when I created my account and logged in, it automatically found the Iomega. All I needed to do was to connect.

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