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    Question External keyboard, switching language problem.
    Hi everyone.

    I've got a strange problem with keyboard shortcuts.
    I'm using Corded Logitech Wave connected through a USB hub to my MBP.
    Up until 10.6.3 update everything worked perfectly.
    After the update switching languages is acting weird.
    When I use the shortcut, the language does not switch.
    I have to press, hold and wait for language selection menu to appear and only then I can switch. The rest of the shortcuts are working fine.
    I've tried to move the shortcut to other keys but it didn't help.
    The problem exists only using the external keyboard (I didn't try other keyboard models).
    I would really appreciate any advice or help. This issue drives me insane.

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    Have you tried plugging it directly in the MBP instead of using the hub? Just a thought

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