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    Opening a wireless keyboard (A1016) - What size torx?
    Hi guys,

    I purchased a used Apple Wireless keyboard (Model A1016) off of eBay a couple of months ago and I need to open the casing to clean out the debris that's accumulated there.
    I've already tried using a vacuum cleaner on the keyboard and while this has gotten out some of the debris, there's still a fair amount left inside the clear case.

    Can anyone please tell me, what torx screwdriver bit I would need to use to open the case, please?

    Many thanks.
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    If you mean the white full sized plastic one, I just took one apart. T5 or T6. Can't remember. It's one of those.

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    Yep, that's the one I mean. Thanks for that info. Are they relatively easy to put back together or a total PITA?
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    The screwdrivers arrived today and indeed, it was a T5 torx that was required.
    I just had to take out 8 screws - 5 in the battery compartment and 3 on the underside of the casing and the keyboard came apart without issues.

    Total time to disassemble, clean and reassemble: around 8 minutes.

    Thanks again for your help, dtravis - It is greatly appreciated.
    Mid 2011 i5 2.5 GHz iMac 21.5"

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