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    WD My Book World Edition - some issues
    I have an WD my book world edition that I've used for quite some time on my laptop with windows, not using the software that came with it, I found it simpler to just connect directly writing down the path in the "run" window from the start menu. Anyways.
    Recently I've bought a mac, and connecting the external harddrive was a bit more trouble, but I managed it by connecting to it as if it were a server (smb://<disc name>). And now I want to format it, wipe it clean, so to speak. But it does not show up in the Disc Utility, no matter what I try. I suspect it is because my MacBook Pro reads it as a server instead of an harddrive. So, I'm stuck, I have no idea where to start solving this, and thus I was hoping some of you fine fellows could help me out before I smash the piece to pulp.

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    Welcome to the Forum. More info is always helpful - what model of Mac did u buy and have you tried a Firewire connection?

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    Hi there,

    If your WD is anything like my Buffalo Linkstation, then it has its own admin pages embedded into the interface and you would need to find out the address that your drive uses to connect on your network.

    To do this, open terminal and type ping <disc name>, which would give you the correct IP address you need to put in to your browser window.
    ds9:~ Kev$ ping nas
    PING nas.config ( <-----this is the IP address you need
    From there, you would fire up your browser and connect to the admin interface of the drive, using the IP address that you obtained before (format: http://<ip address>) and logging in as admin (see your user manual for login/password if you haven't changed these yourself) and you should be able to format the drive in one of the menus there.

    Hope this helps
    Mid 2011 i5 2.5 GHz iMac 21.5"

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