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    Jul 07, 2009
    Magic Mouse swipes not!
    I have recently aquired a Magic Mouse. I'm running on Snow Leopard 10.6.3. No updates necessary to get the special swipe features of the mouse (if you try to install the update, the OS won't accept it). None of the advanced features of the mouse (all the swipe features) appear under /system preferences/mouse. The mouse simply functions as a two button unit and, worse still, you don't even have a scroll wheel. I've also tried installing Magic Prefs. This appears in system preferences with all the swipe functions but none of them work. I saw a thread somewhere where it was suggested it could be conflicts with other software that makes other mice work (eg: USB Overdrive). I have deleted USB Overdrive but this has not helped. Any suggestions would be very welcome please!

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    Jul 07, 2009
    Magic Mouse functionality
    I am astonished that no-one seems to have a solution to this problem? Am I the only person who has experienced it?

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