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    Angry Brand new Toshiba 640 GB External Hard Drive won't show up on my PowerBook G4
    Okay so the title pretty much sums it up. But I purchased an external hard drive for my computer it says it is fully Mac compatible and everything. I'm a graphic design major and needed something rather large to back up my work. I can't seem to get the hard drive to connect to my computer. It makes the humming noise and the little blue light comes on the hard drive when I plug it in but I cannot find it on my computer anywhere. I believe my computer is a 2005 version and I am running Mac OS X 10.4.11 software on it currently.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please let me know!!

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    Is the hard drive powered?
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    Thanks for responding so fast!

    It is a USB 2.0 connection. Is that what you mean by powered?

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    USB power from a PwrBk is not reliable. Your Toshiba is bus-powered, and your PwrBk simply doesn't provide the necessary grunt to both run and read the external drive.

    1. A powered USB hub, not great for portability, unless you use one of these CyberPower Mobile Battery Powered 4-Port USB Hub (CP-H420MP): Electronics [note: no longer manufactured, but they work well].
    2. I've read, but cannot recall detail, of people utilising two USB ports via a Y adaptor to run an external drive. Someone else may be able to advise you about this.
    3. An external power source for your Toshiba - if the enclosure in fact has a 6/9/12v input socket.
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    I've also heard of people using the Y-adapter for using 2 USB ports. I personally haven't used one but a friend of mine uses one for his external drive. I'm guessing the connection on the drive is a Mini USB, correct?
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