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    external HD time machine error; now won't mount
    I purchased an external hard drive as a backup for my macbook pro about a week ago. I didn't format it because it seemed to work properly as soon as i plugged it in. Time machine initial backup completed, plus i copied over 400Gb of files from another drive, and everything was fine.

    Lately i'd been getting the error from Time Machine: "Unable to complete backup: an error while creating backup directory". Attempted to repair the disk in Disk Utility failed; received the message "The volume could not be unmounted". Ok, maybe I'll erase the drive and reformat it - but again, it failed to unmount the drive.

    I tried restarting the computer, and now the drive was gone, it failed to mount, and continues to fail to mount after several tries.
    Is this just a lemon?

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    I have found that if you use a drive specifically for TM it will work a whole lot better if
    you use it for other files and such things can get messed up was the drive partitioned
    for TM also is this all Mac since it is formatted differently than a PC.

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