Time Capsule dies, Apple to offer me a new one for free, but no help with data xfer

so what do i do ? how do i get 850 gigs of data on to another terabyte drive ?

they will not release me the new TC until i surrender my old one.

I will not give them my old one with the data still on it. it contains alot of client data and personal information. that is not negotiable. they were very nice in telling me to find a certified Apple repair specialist, who can conduct a data xfer of that kind, and then I can return the dead TC for the new one.

One of the Mac specialists told me that I could buy a Terabyte drive from them, and use it to do the xfer, then return it, as long as I did this within 14 days.

so if that is the only option i have, then im going to have to open the TC myself, remove the HD, hook up an esata connector, and conduct this xfer on my own. reason for that is the certified guy they recommended to me wants like 300 dollars and about 2 to 4 weeks to do this. this is not acceptable, plus he is privy to all the sensitive data on the HD.

so again, i must do this myself.

what esata connectors do i need ? do i need a case for the HD ? please help ! thanks